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We are Sol and Camilo, and we can’t wait to collaborate with you!

We are a couple traveling the world while running our freelance design business. Originally from Argentina, we sold everything we owned and now explore the globe while working online.

We specialize in creating high quality audiovisual content, writing about travel and online business, and teaching other professionals how to do the same by sharing our experiences through our website, a very engaged Facebook group, and social media channels.

Our goal is to bring greater exposure to ideal destinations for digital nomads and medium to long-term travelers.


At Wanderlancers, we create original content that cater to an audience of Spanish speaking young-adult and adult (25 to 40 years old) professionals and business owners predominantly from Argentina, Spain, Mexico, and USA with a passion for travel, new experiences, and comfort.

Our readers are interested in slow travel and enjoying places in a different way than regular tourists.

  • 25-40 Years Old
  • Professionals and Digital Nomads
  • Argentina, Mexico, Spain, USA
  • Spanish speakers

They choose experiences over sights. Quality over quantity.

They aim to balance new adventures while working online, making them part of the growing digital nomad niche.

What we can do for you

We want to put our experience and energy to your service.

As professional creatives we can offer you:

  • Professional design services: branding, illustration, and web design.
  • Photography and Videography for your online ads, website, and social media.
  • Brand and copywriting strategic consulting (in English and Spanish).

As business and travel bloggers we can offer you:

  • Written content related to travel and digital nomadism topics (in English and Spanish).
  • Original promotional social media content published in our own channels.
  • A growing and engaged audience of over 7000 combined followers between our mailing list, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.

How can we collaborate togheter?

If you think we could create something great jointly, here are a few ways we can make that happen:


  • Professional design services
  • Photography and videography for your own use
  • Sponsored posts
  • Social Media promotion
  • Press trips and FAM trips
  • Hotel and restaurant reviews
  • Product reviews

Do you think we would be a good match?


Do you work with any brand or business?

In order to fully take advantage of our services and audience, we only work with brands that fit the spirit and purpose of Wanderlancers.

What do you mean 'collaboration'? Do I have to pay?

By collaboration we refer to any fair exchange between your brand and our services. This can be: money, accommodation, food, flights, tours, etc.

As long as it’s a win-win situation, we are all for it! Do you have an idea? Send us a mail at sol [at] wanderlancers [dot] com, or go to our Contact page

What experience do you have?

We have been working independently for the past 8 years. You can see our previous design work at Brandmap.co or Camicaturas.com.

And of course, you can check out our photos over at Instagram, and videos in our Youtube channel.

If we work together, you will give me a positive review?

We value honesty above all: any reviews or content will reflect the unbiased opinion of Wanderlancers. This means that a sponsored review does not guarantee a positive opinion.

Does your audience knows when your content is sponsored?

Sponsored content of any kind will be marked with a pertinent disclaimer.

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